Twitter as Customer Service Tool – How is it even possible to go wrong?


The obvious and major joy of Twitter is that you get to write whatever you like and put it out into the World. Simple as.

It is also a great way to use the internet to get what you want, I come across hundreds of tweets where people are pretty much begging for free stuff (why not, if you can get it). Correctly used it is a great Social Media tool for companies. See #GiveGregTheHoliday – awesome example of companies using Twitter to their advantage and a one Mr Greg Heaslip getting free holiday goodies .

The perfect use of Twitter, as a corporate platform, is to use it to manage Customer Service. It is quick, direct and personal.

So when it is so easy for consumers to spout out our feelings for the entire world to see, do some companies neglect this tool?

I’ll admit that the idea for this article came from a rather heated (on my part, apathetic at best on theirs) exchange between myself and a delivery company, who for the life of them cannot manage to read and copy down a postcode correctly, leaving me without a mobile phone for over a week.

So in an act of professionalism, rather than blatantly abuse my Blog to shame said company, I’ll take the higher ground and simply use them as a Case Study for shambolic Customer Service skills:

Their customer service skills are so poor that I had to call their customer service line 3 times a day (fobbed off with lies and bullshit excuses), email them 4 times (all ignored) and exchange tweets (which they subsequently ignored) over the period of 9 days. It was infuriating to say the least. So what do I do? I out them to all my followers; I put full stops before their handle when replying, I linked friends into the conversations to spread it wider, I hash-tagged the shit out of the tweets wherever I could. All because I knew that my tweets would be seen by more people this way, shaming this awful company and hopefully getting them to react and APOLOGISE for their horrendous management.

Yet, they ignore me. I am not the only one either, just a quick scroll down their feed will show you how unhappy everyone is, and how they do the very minimum required when it comes to assistance.

They still ignore me. I received an email this morning informing me that they were happy to confirm my Formal Complaints status as: ‘Case Closed’. How can you close a case without replying to me UKMail? Hey??! How?!

All I wanted was an apology, a reasonable explanation and no more ‘passing the buck’, and obviously my phone, which I am yet to receive.

Firms World Wide, do not fall into the trap, I beg of you. It is so easy to take to Twitter and bitch and whine, which everyone is going to do at some point, but why would you IGNORE it?! Why would you exasperate the situation further by appearing like you don’t care about your customer?

I just don’t understand, but then again I hate to think people hate me so I try to make them happy. UKMail just don’t give a fuck.

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Jonas Jonasson – The Girl who Saved The King of Sweden & The 100-year-old Man who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Dear all,

Firstly, let me start by apologising for the radio silence. I’ve had a very busy few weeks, I have started a new job and have had some seriously dramatic personal life events!

So, to calm myself, naturally I decided to embark on a few new books:

I only intended to read The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden, by Jonas Jonasson, because my friend said to me one day, “ah yeah, it’s a nice read”. How could you possibly not want to read a book after such a stellar review? But she also told me it only took her, like a day. So I downloaded it onto my Windows Phone via the Kindle App* and intended to read it on my tubey commute.

Thanks Google Images

Thanks Google Images

*I by no means encourage the use of Kindles. I am old school and love a good book, I cherish them and love them, i like to smell them, I do not bend the spines, I would never annotate or highlight a book’s pages and I would never ever lend to a friend who reads in the bath! It’s too risky. However, I was not excited by the prospect of this book because I just thought it would be mildly distracting from my journey to and from work – I have since bought the paperback.

I have to admit, my dear friend was right. The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden (TGWSTKOS) IS a nice read, but saying that is doing the book no favours. It is the story of a young South African girl who is strong, independent, highly intelligent and brave. She breaks out of her situation and constantly seeks to better herself, making small or large decisions along the way which regularly have World changing consequences. You immediately connect with the main character, a young girl working in the latrines of the biggest South African shantytown. She has nothing and no-one, an illiterate from Soweto. Yet she stands up for herself, fights back, takes on the World and wins. I rooted for her from the very beginning, and felt intense dislike towards the character Poet du Toit. Who I have no doubt represents a humungous slice of 1970’s SA’s white society. It is a nonsensical and silly story, common sense tells us this would never happen. But my heart tells me I want it to be true, desperately! It warmed the cockles of my heart.

What I got out of this book was real happiness; I genuinely looked forward to a spare 5 minutes so I could read a few extra pages, but that just meant I got to the end too quickly. Upon finishing this lovely book, my heart full of joy, I endeavoured to find something similar that would provide the same kind of cheer.

Step up The 100-year-old Man who Climbed Out of The Window and Disappeared, by the same clever Mr Jonas Jonasson.

Thanks Google Images

Thanks Google Images

This is Jonasson’s previous book, first published in 2009 but not into English until 2012, and what a delight! TGWSTKOF follows the same format as his previous novel. They both have the same ‘feel’, both are whimsical and nonsense stories, made enjoyable by the way you relate to the main characters.

In The 100-year-old Man who Climbed Out of The Window and Disappeared (T1YOMWCOTWAD(It is barely easier to type it as this – i’m not sure why i’m bothering)) we meet a very old gentleman on his birthday, who has decided that he’d rather not celebrate with a group of people he doesn’t like or at best is indifferent to. Instead he takes himself off, and I say that I respect that kind of action and I am immediately and whole heartedly on his side. At 100 you can do what you like I think, you’ve earned it. And by jove has this character earned it! As he runs further and further away from his care-home life we are introduced to people along the way, each one with a difficulty to overcome themselves. But Jonasson also takes us back in time, and tells the story of our lead from childhood. We get the whole life story, all 100 years of it, and it’s a good’un! It was so good, I finished this one in three days.

Jonasson’s style of writing is light hearted, full of humour and adventurous. He tells delightful tales that give you the nice warm feeling in your heart (I am not exaggerating). His storylines may seem unbelieveable but his books read with such ease, that you simply accept the characters and thier decisions and just go with it!

“Things are what they are, and whatever will be, will be.” Jonas Jonasson, The 100-year-old Man who Climbed Out of The Window and Disappeared.

Are they going to change the literary World? It’s unlikely. Did I enjoy my week with Jonas Jonasson? Without a doubt! Would they make excellent Childrens films? Someone, quick, get me a screenwriter and a budget!

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PSYCLE on Down – The New Cardio Craze

My newest addition to CultNoise mag….

Give it a read if you’re into cycling, spinning, exercise or clubbing. X

Donating and dating; My Mate, Your Date.

Ooooh look. I wrote a little something for someone else…..


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Birthdays, Bottles and Burlesque

Good Morning all!!


This week i celebrated my 26th Birthday. A day i have been dreading for 365 days (at least), as I am officially no longer recognised anywhere in the world as a youth. My 12 – 25% discount on trains across Europe has been snatched away.

So to mark this terribly depressing milestone, my girlfriends and I headed out to Soho after work on Wednesday (19th- my birthday FYI).

It started at Barrio Central, no.6 Poland Street, for cocktails. The happy hour in this superbly colourful and friendly Brazilian themed cocktail bar lasts unitl 8pm. £4.50 Mojitos and £5 glasses of wine are enough to make any Birthday girl shimmy in her party frock. It was a delightful start to the evening.


Photo courtesy of

Feeling ready to take on the world, we had a short hop, skimp and jump around the corner (literally) to Tapas BrindisaAs one of the three Brindisa’s dotted around London, I know this Tapas chain to be the best in London! It is always beautiful food, great service and a truly lovely wine selection.

Unfortunately for us, the Soho restaurant has a no-booking policy, like many other places in Soho and it really irritates me. We were seated at the bar and told there would be a 45 minute wait for a table of 4. Slightly disconcerting, but there we have it. We ordered Cava and olives and chatted away. The atmosphere was pleasant, the banter – terrific and the Olives stuffed with Orange were delicious. But the 45 minute wait turned into 1 hour 20…. for a table for 4. This, i think, is unacceptable and under any other circumstances I would be in an uproar. But you just can’t be mad at the staff, they’re all so charming and apologetic. So we ordered some charcuterie and more Cava (on the house – nice touch) and waited for our table.


When we were finally seated we ordered an array of tapas; goats cheese with orange blossom honey, chorizo on toast, garlic chilli prawns, squid with peas, patatas bravas and seared scallops. And i’d eat it all again, in it’s entirety, to myself. The dessert menu leaves a lot to be desired though, but they’re probably banking on people having no room for dessert… It was my birthday and there wasn’t a singular Churros on offer. Poor form, Brindisa, poor form.



Did we end the night there? Of course we didn’t! On to Soho, to the glorious bars it has to offer. We had a few drinks and a little rave in Freedom bar – a must for all sohocialites. Then we made the big move to The Box, the PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE.


This club is crazy, sexy, fun and full of the rich kids of London (and Paris). If it wasn’t for my darling sister name dropping every dancer pal she has, I’m not sure we would’ve blagged our entry. But she did, and we did 😀 . The club opens at 11pm, my advice is get here as shortly after as you can, it is well known that entry after midnight is nigh on impossible!

There is a strict ‘no photo’ policy, so I can’t share any of the evening with you I’m afraid. I’d have to describe it, but I just can’t find the words. It was wonderful, it was corrupt, it was extortionately expensive, it was colourful, it was just the most surreal experience of my life and I adored it.

The first show starts at 1am, with singers, dancers, acrobats and strong men. There is a strong Burlesque theme but really anything goes. The best views are from the tables, but they come with a minimum spend and are usually all booked up well in advance, we just stood on the stairs, quite close to the front and saw everything (absolutely EVERYTHING).

The night ended a little before 4am with me crying in a taxi over my lost phone. Which wasn’t lost in the slightest, just simply tucked away in my bra, which I couldn’t feel because I had drank THAT much Patron, Tequila, Champagne and Cava.

Superb 26th Birthday party, a massive thanks to all involved!


p.s I’ve been back to The Box – twice.

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The Book Thief – A Review


Ahhh The Book Thief. My best friends favourite book of all time, which made her the worst person to see the film with. I know this, and yet I went along anyway. The sadomasocist in me clearly gearing up for some “that didn’t happen in the book”, “that’s not right”, “i didn’t imagine it in that way” and all the usual bullshit. This is going to be delightful, i thought to myself.

It was so delightful! Sad. Heart-wrenchingly sad. But delightful. Oh what a film!!!

I bawled my eyes out. This film is so touching, so detailed and so well acted by all involved. I adore this movie.

Young Sophie Nelisse is superb. I couldn’t take me eyes off her big blues when she was on the screen. She plays the brave and courageous Liesel, the primary character, whose compassion and desire to learn and read, whilst in the midst of the Nazi regime, is heart warming (why don’t they make kids like her anymore).

But, in my opinion, she was completely overshadowed by Nico Liersch who plays her best friend Rudy Steiner. Oh Rudy, i love you little Rudy. His innocence is divine, his wish to be the fastest man on earth has him playing dress up as Olympic athlete Jesse Owens – the black American sprinter. He blacks himself up, in Nazi Germany! Can you imagine?! And he’s so adorable he doesn’t understand why it’s a bad thing to be black. Ahhhhhhh never change, Rudy.

It’s beautiful, but please be warned that this film is not for empathetic, emotional, unstable Pisceans like myself. I couldn’t get out of my seat until mid-credit because i was stuck to the seat sobbing uncontrollably.



p.s My friend loved it. Just as good, if not better.

p.p.s Rudy, you’re adorable

Never change!

Never change!

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Her – Film Review


The movie Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, and Amy Adams, is absolutely perfect. And the Academy Awards clearly thought so too, as it is the so very deserving winner of Best Original Screenplay. CONGRATS!

Directed by Spike Jonze, Her takes the audience into the not-so-distant future, where it has become acceptable and even likely, that you will bond with an artificial intelligence operation system (Johansson).

Phoenix is wonderful as the likeable puppy dog Theodore. The premise for the film made me think that this could be a bit a creepy, but it’s not. It’s heartfelt and genuine and really does explore the human emotions and our capability to build relationships.
Johansson plays Samantha, the operating system (OS) that grows and evolves everyday and eventually becomes Theodores ‘girlfriend’. Which no-one finds weird, creepy or unusual except for Theodore’s ex wife (Rooney Mara) – naturally. Samantha is a bit demanding, and i feel a bit clingy. If i called my non-existent boyfriend as many times as she did during the day, or had as many crazy requests, he would definitely bin me off. Also, Samantha is a bit of a bitch.
Adams plays Theodore’s best friend, Amy. I hope they end up together after all this OS nonsense blows over.

This film is funny, touching and scarily true to life. I am a little worried that in less than 10 years time we are all going to be building relationships with our computers. It is in my Top 10 of all time. I really really really loved it.


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Baby Skin Softness



Maybelline have really nailed it with their collection of fun, flirty lip balms. They are all that has gotten me through this chappy Christmas season.

I am blessed with quite a full pout, but it does mean that my lips have a tough time during the winter, and the poor sods can’t look after themselves. They chap easily and that is very unattractive, and sore! These little sticks fit into my pockets, purses, handbags, satchels. I always have at least one on me at all times. If I just reach into my handbag and, yep, hello there my little yellow 8h moisture intense care stick. 

My favourite so far is the Cherry Velvet flavour. It’s soft, very subtle colouring and it lasts for ages. Not to mention SPF 20 to protect me from lip wrinkles. (I have a fear of developing a mouth like Dot Brown).


Not to mention they are £2.99 each!!! The ultimate win.

Thank you Maybelline.



Exfoliator from Heaven

The Harley Medical Group may not be known for their beauty products, but this time last year I bought their Microderm Crystal and Activator set for £35. And it’s still going!!

I suffer from dry skin, and forget to take my make-up off before bed all the time (the shame!). As a result my skin isn’t always as gleaming as i’d like it to be.

I use this product very sparingly, only when my skin is at it’s worst. I use it 2, maybe 3 times in a week and my skin is so soft, clean and bright before the week is out. It really is magical, I can’t fault it! Especially considering the price.


It’s available online at their store: or through any of their clinics.


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BARCELONA! aka Talent capital of the World

Hello again!!

Very sorry about the radio silence, it’s been a busy few weeks, and it all kicked off with a trip to Barcelona. My favourite city in the whole world (so far). And home to the most gorgeous men in Europe…. do they all just congregate there? I can’t work it out? Everywhere i turned just beautiful men staring back at me.

We stayed in a lovely hotel which i would definitely recommend again – Residencia Melon District. Very close to the Marina, and Razzmatazz nightclub (Incredible! Great Club!!). I think technically it is listed as a hostel, but i’ve never stayed in a hostel so nice. It was clean, tidy, safe and the staff were great. The view from the pool terrace at the top was just insane too, genuinely really gorgeous. And all for a very, very reasonable price. – see here.

If you are going, my advice is tour the city on one of the tour buses. It’s not expensive and although Barcelona isn’t a huge city, it is still big enough to exhaust you and your poor feet.

I’ve never done the tour bus thing before because i was convinced it was tacky and cheating, but there is no way you will learn half as much walking the place alone. On our second day (very hungover) we walked from the beach up towards the city centre, continued walking along until we came to the Christopher Columbus monument and then went up Las Ramblas. By this point we were shattered! It was a beautiful day (still mid 20’s in October – heaven) so we wanted to sit and have a drink… we stumbled onto a Cava market just outside of the Cathedral. HEAVEN!! We spent the whole afternoon sitting in the sun on the Cathedral steps with glasses of wine, copious amounts of Tapas and just a general warm, contended feeling in our hearts.

Mercats Barcelona Cava fair

Fruity Burgers

Barcelona's Cathedral with my beloved market below

Barcelona’s Cathedral with my beloved market below

We walked the high street and had a look at an antiques fair that had set itself up on the street, then the indoor food market which was just insane! I will never see so much fresh fruit in one place again for as long as I live.

We headed back to our hotel, momentarily strutting through the red light district, walking past the Arc de Triomph and through a beautiful park. Which provided lots of photo opportunites, but we had no idea what we were photographing, or if it was just a beautiful piece of art/architecture or had real historical merit.

What i’m basically saying is we walked miles and miles and were totally exhausted. We saw so much of Barcelona but i don’t have any historical knowledge for you, and it meant we fell asleep as soon as we got in too. So had we of taken the bus we would have a little knowledge and maybe Saturday night wouldn’t have ended up with us both taking a Disco nap before getting ready to go out and neither one of us waking up until 2am! At which point there is no way i’m getting ready for a night out.

We learnt from our mistakes though, and on the Sunday ‘hopped on’ a tour bus and ‘hopped off’ and ‘hopped back on’ again all day. It was glorious! my feet were so happy!

We really wanted to visit Tibidabo, for the amusement parks and the views. We ‘hopped off’ our bus, got a tram up the hill, sat down and had some lunch with a beautiful backdrop of the city, got a train up the final stretch and looked down on Barcelona from the BEAUTIFUL theme park at the top. We had so much fun! Totally owrth every penny. The view when you get to the top of the rollercoaster is incredible and totally unrestricted, you feel like you’re on top of the World! Even though you only get it for a second before you plummet down.

Tibidabo Church

Swinging at the top of a mountainA view from the Top!!

Of course we visited the Sagrada Familia, it is just breath-taking. And so intricate, you can completely understand why it’s taken 900 years to build and still isn’t finished. Again we sat down on the curb outside the front, bought 2 Estrella’s from the nearest bar and soaked it all up. It wasn’t long before we were joined by a German chap, and then a Dutch couple did the same. We chatted, exchanged stories and moved on to an Absinthe bar. It was beautiful and exactly what travelling is all about.

Estrella on the steps of Basilica Sagrada Familia

Passion Facade - Josep Maria Subirachs

Passion Facade – Josep Maria Subirachs

Nativity Facade - Gaudi

Nativity Facade – Gaudi

I didn’t realise that Barcelona is one of 4 cities in the world famed for it’s Absinthe bars…. I very very reluctantly went a long as tried a glass, prepared in the traditional way with fire and water. It was disgusting, but i tried.

Eurgh I hate it!

Eurgh I hate it!

Traditional Absinthe

We rounded off our trip with a great night in Opium nightclub on the beach, accidentally gatecrashing a wrap party for the World Series and were schmoozed by racing drivers. I doubt they were all drivers of course, but i was too happy to nit pick. Followed by a 6am trip to McDonalds before a mad dash to the airport to get our flight back to London.

All in all I spent an entire weekend completely content and happy. Barcelona is magic!


Sleepy Saturday

A Beautiful example of Gaudi's work that decorates the city

A Beautiful example of Gaudi’s work that decorates the city

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